Ivan Robertson COLLECTION

Ivan Robertson of La Ronge was one of the last Bush Pilot/Aircraft Engineers that flew in the 1980's in Northern Saskatchewan. The following is a small part of Ivan's photo and slide collection documenting bush flying in those days.
Ivan and his brother Scott are avid canoers and have paddled most of the rivers and lakes which Ivan has flown over.
We would like to thank Ivan for sharing his collection with us.- Web builder.
Downesview Ontario, Twin Otter Course.
Ivan Robertson front row, 2nd from the left.
Ivan Robertson and Diane at Uranium City with       C-GECK, which was owned at one time by Ken Johnson of La Ronge.
  Removing Cessna 185 (C-FZWR) wreckage from the fatal crash site in the middle of Black Lake. The pilot and a caribou hunter were returning to Black Lake with a load of caribou meat when they were caught in bad weather. After a brief search when the weather cleared the crash site was located. Ivan flew up to Milton Lake to bring back the second caribou hunter. Later Ivan assisted in removing the aircraft from the scene. Weather is a major factor in aircraft incidents in the north.  
    Arrow North's Beaver C-FFHC (serial # 12) at Tazin Lake waiting for weather to clear.  
    The "tunnel" at Tazin Lake. Ivan flew workers into the site often. The water flowing through this tunnel ended up in White Lake and then through the penstock to the Wellington Power Station.

The first Wellington Power Station was built around 1939 for the Box Gold Mine which closed in 1942
Eldorado Mining reopened the Power Station around 1952-3
    Randy Capstick in the Twin Otter. From the Ivan Robertson collection.   
    Beaver and Twin Otter picking up caribou meat somewhere north of Fond du Lac.   
    Tuckto Lodge on Mosquito Lake  
    Mosquito lake with ice. The lodge is on the point in the centre of the picture. (click on picture to see larger version)  
    Otter north of Kasba Lake.   
    Ivan dropping food to over due canoers on the Kazan River. The next day they were able to paddle into Baker Lake settlement.   
     Refueling Aero North  Cessna 206  C-GMFV  on return from rescue mission to drop food to over due canoers on the Kazan River.  
    A fish burner- before the gasoline engine, the only mode of  northern transportation.  
    Trapper cabin with a well built cache on poles (on left) located on north end of Milton lake, about 25 miles south of the NWT border  
    Captain Ivan Robertson readying  Aero North Single Otter C-GQDU for flight to Otter Lake (Saskatchewan) This Otter is equipped with "big floats"
     Aero North Single Otter C-GQDU at Uranium City taxiing for departure to Otter Lake to be sold. Notice this aircraft was equipped with extra vertical fins on rear stabilzer.  
    PA22 C-GECK on the ice at Martin Lake, Uranium City   
    Ivan on short final to Stony Rapids 
Aero North Single Otter C-GQDU
    Behind the trees at Police Point, Stony Rapids   
    On the water at Stony Rapids   
    Arrow North's Beaver C-FFHC on the airstrip at Henik Lake- on wheels.   
    Henik Lake Lodge - Keewatin Arctic Camps   
    Aero North Base at Uranium City   
    Beaver pick up on a northern lake   
    Ivan Robertson, front and centre. Taken at Tech School in Calgary 1978-79. Check out the haircuts of these soon to be Aircraft Engineers.   
    Single Otter C-GQDU in Pine Channel, north shore Lake Athabasca   
    Getting the Twin Otter into the hangar at Stony Rapids meant removing the wing tips.    
    Aero North Single Otter C-GQDU at Lefty Falls north of Fond du Lac.

Lefty's Falls was named after the famous Bush Pilot Lefty McLeod who first came across the beautiful waterfalls on the Grease River. Initially it was named Lefty's Falls, but later the name was changed to Hunt Falls. The old timers still know it by Lefty's Falls.
    Aero North Single Otter C-GQDU. Note this aircraft has two fins on the horizontal stabalizer and has no dorsal fin beneath the verticle stabalizer.     
    Ivan doing another pick-up at Lefty's Falls with the Single Otter C-GQDU    
    Happy fisherman at Lefty's Falls with a catch of Grayling. Mike Centroni  

  Taxiing at Stony Rapids  
  Somewhere Northern Saskatchewan  
  Saskatchewans North  
  Bompass Lake and C-GECK  
  Stony Rapids winter scene  
  Campsel Portage airstrip. the village is at the far end
  Going trapping begins with a Single Otter ride  
  Yes you can get a skidoo into an Otter  
  Fond du Lac airstrip  
  Fond du Lac town  
  Wholdia Lake and Beaver C-FFHC  
  a well made trappers cabin in the far north, a winter home, and a proud owner.  
  Dehavilland Beaver C-CFFHC on the Stony Rapids  Airstrip on wheel-skiis  
  Milton Lake and Beaver C-FFHC  
  Wapata Lake at John Echod cabin  
  Stony Rapids   -40degrees celsius and farenheit  
  Single Otter C-GQDU at Stony Rapids  
  C-GYGL  and Billy Good, Chris Good, the good brothers and person on right unknown, on a caribou hunt.  
  Chris and Billy Good on their sucessful caribou hunt  
fetus of a caribou considered a delicacy