Ivan Robertson COLLECTION

Ivan Robertson of La Ronge was one of the last Bush Pilot/Aircraft Engineers that flew in the 1980's in Northern Saskatchewan. The following is a small part of Ivan's photo and slide collection documenting bush flying in those days.
Ivan and his brother Scott are avid canoers and have paddled most of the rivers and lakes which Ivan has flown over.
We would like to thank Ivan for sharing his collection with us.- Web builder.
  caribou on the move  
  Billy and Chris Good, third person unknown
on their Caribou Hunt north of Stony Rapids. Caribou hunting is the serious business of getting meat for three families to last them until next year. The aircraft flights are costly as they may have to fly several hundred miles to find the caribou. Once the hunt is completed the hunters return home with what ever they can haul back, then the pilot has to make however many return trips, hauling the meat until it is all picked up. Sometimes the last load is a race between the pilot and the wolves and ravens.
  Dehaviland Beaver C-CFFHC
Aero North hanger at Stony Rapids
  Camsell Portage Northen Settlement with airstrip in background, on Lake Athabasca  
  Points North dock, the airstrip is to the right of the picture.  
  Chief Pilot Flight Technical for Air Canada, Jim Myers at Cree River Lodge on Wapata Lake. The lodge has operated since 1956. The lodge is actually on the Cree River adjacent to Wapata Lake  
  Stony Rapids airport as it looks when you approach from the south. The village is between the airport and the river.  
  The Norcanair Hanger at Martin Lake.  
  Probably taken on the shores of Baker Lake  
  Leftys Falls, Jim Myers holding up dinner.  
  Stony Rapids airport as you approach from the north over the village. The highway to Black lake is visible on the top left of the picture.  
   Leon Cook's camp on Bompass Lake - which is between Black Lake and Selwyn Lake.  
  Sunset somewhere over Northern Saskatchewan  
  C-CFFHC at Stony Rapids preparing for departure  
  Stony Rapids  
  Stony Rapids, C-CFFHC being readied for another flight to some northern location. Note the winter baffle installed behind the propeller to block the -40 air from freezing the 9 cylinders of the big  Prat & Whitney   450 hp Wasp Jr engine.  
  Art & Mona Solander cabin near Mclennan Lake -
now destoyed
  Art Solander well known prospector  
  Boyd Lake  on Dubawnt River - C-FZWR shortly  before fateful flight  
  Trapper cabin located on an esker on small lake off of Boyd Lake  
  the trappers meat shed - the northern refridgerator.  
  a lone caribou  
  Ivan flew this aircraft for Dawn Air at Southend after this incident.  
  Tazin Lake  Ivan & Billy Good  at mine entrance  
  Ron Berg - Tazin Lake Lodge  
  Tazin Lake airstrip-  Ivan in Beaver delivering groceries  
  Ben Siemans cabin on Lytle Lake north of Stony Rapids 12 minutes  
  Ivan & Diane at Ben Siemans cabin on Lytle Lake  
  Lytle Lake  
  Derrick Gilmore & George Porter  on Lytle Lake  
  Lefty's Falls  
  the young Mrs Robertson (Diane)  
  Lefty`s Falls in winter  
  turning final  
  Preview Lake Gold mine near La Ronge (Diane)  
  Preview Lake Gold mine near La Ronge (Diane)  
  Navajo C-FATS  at Stony Rapids  
  Stony Rapids  
  Stony Rapids, picture taken from the top of the big tall oil tanks -Aero North twin Otter - DMR  
  Twin Otter somewhere on one of the hundreds of sandy beaches only accessable by aircraft.  
  a lone caribou on the sky line North of the tree line stalked by someone trying to get a close up picture  
  the close up picture of the lone caribou. Interestingly both male and female barren fround caribou have antlers.  
  cool sunset from the seat of a twin otter  
playing with camera filters