Ivan Robertson COLLECTION

Ivan Robertson of La Ronge was one of the last Bush Pilot/Aircraft Engineers that flew in the 1980's in Northern Saskatchewan. The following is a small part of Ivan's photo and slide collection documenting bush flying in those days.
Ivan and his brother Scott are avid canoers and have paddled most of the rivers and lakes which Ivan has flown over.
We would like to thank Ivan for sharing his collection with us.- Web builder.
  Stony Rapids with 185 C-FZWQ still on wheel skiis. Even though Stony Rapids airport is muddy there is still lots of snow and ice farther north to land on  
  Cathy Wright Beatty in canoe at Stony Rapids with Police buildings in the background  
  Spike Ward  (Ed Wards brother) and John Campbel   
  Police Point dock at Stony Rapids taken from the air  
  FHC on the water at Stony Rapids  
  exploration camp Eileen Lake ?  
  a trappers canvas shelter probably destroyed by a bear or a wind storm  
  caribou haul - note the 30 gallon belly tank for extended range  
  Louis Toutsaint cabin at wholdia lake. The smoke means the cabin is toasty warm.  
  Ivan doing another 100 hour service outside at Stony Rapids  
  just arrived, no smoke from the chimney yet, bedroll still outside.  
  Lac Brochet airport  
  Ivan with just another load of caribou   
  Guy Levesque  Resource Officer from Stony Rapids doing an inspection  
  a cariole of caribou meat  
  Ivan removes the door to make it easier to load - this load was 7 caribou   
  the anxiously awaited barge arrives at Stony Rapids  
  two more caribou to feed the family  
  plastic roof covered with moss and dirt to make it water proof unfortunately the window was destroyed. Blue tarps are more widely used throughout the north as they are more durable. The cost of flying in plywood and shingles is prohibitive.  
  fish burners  
  Pine Channel - an exploration company had a swamp buggy go through the ice into deep water  
  Ivan dove in the fridged water to hook on to the buggy so it could be retreived  
Ivan "change room"
  young caribou hunter  
  barren ground caribou roast still on the hoof  
  John Leban  
  a sleigh dogs' home  
  trappers cabin  notice the antenna poles for the 2 way radio. Most trappers used the Northern Radio Telephone Service - SBX11A single side band radio rented from Sasktel to call between the trapline and home.  
  a slightly damaged tepee  
  sleigh dog and trainee  
  Ivans own aircraft C-FECK tri-pacer on skiis  
  Billy Good from Stony Rapids on a caribou hunt bin the NWT  
  a caribou head which was often boiled whole once the hair was removed  
   Martin carcasses - at one time the pelts were worth a fortune now days trapping is a hobby  
  Diane at Wolaston Lake dock  
  JFJ single otter undergoing a float repair  
  Joan & Garry McGuffin
paddled across canada then wrote a book
  Church at Brochet  
  freeze up Wolaston post - Wolaston Air - owner\operator Wayne Woods
   C-GZTU at Phelps lake north of Wolaston Lake  
  at Phelps lake north of Wolaston Lake  
  Brochet people rebuilding old grave site on an island Lac Brochet  
  Brochet people rebuilding old grave site on an island Lac Brochet  
  fish drying rack  
  Turbo Otter  Athabasca Airways  somewhere north of  Hatchet Lake  
  Hatchet Lake Lodge - owner/operator George Flemming  
  north of Wolaston somewhere  
  otter dogs - some sleigh dogs qualify for frequent flyer miles flying to and from the trap line every year  
  Stony Rapids dock  
Obre lake  near Snowbird