Ivan Robertson COLLECTION

Ivan Robertson of La Ronge was one of the last Bush Pilot/Aircraft Engineers that flew in the 1980's in Northern Saskatchewan. The following is a small part of Ivan's photo and slide collection documenting bush flying in those days.
Ivan and his brother Scott are avid canoers and have paddled most of the rivers and lakes which Ivan has flown over.
We would like to thank Ivan for sharing his collection with us.- Web builder.
  stop for a p break on way back from Dubawnt lake  
    Aero North crew on picnic  near Elzabeth Falls  left to right - Rrandy Capstick, Ivan |Robertson, Diane Robertson, George Porter and Jim Myers  
    grayling on Fond du lac river near Black lake  
    on Fond du lac river near Black lake  
    on Fond du lac river near Black lake  
    on Fond du lac river near Black lake  
    "fill 'er up"  Stony Rapids gas pumps  
    Ivan's PA22  C-FECK  at Stony Rapids gas pumps  
    "Yogi"  the German Shepard pup  
    Stony Rapids gas pumps  
    near Henik lake, blown jug on Beaver. Morbergs beaver came to the rescue of  FHC (serial #12)   Ivan fixed the jug and flew it home to Stony Rapids  
    fixing the blown jug  
    at Hanna lake  
    Randy, Derrick, Gilmore and Ivan on right -+Aero North hanger Stony Rapids  
    Joe Brianik on left at Aero North hanger Stony Rapids  
    Al Kesseloheim, Marypat, Ivan. Diane at Other Side River at Cliff Blackmiers camp. They paddled in, spent the winter and then on to Baker lake and wrote a book of the adventure  
    caribou trip north of Fond du Lac  
    the door off for another  load of caribou meat  
    Ivan Robertson, Tim Robertson and their father Alex, standing in front is Micheal  
    good hunting  
    C-GQDU Aero North single Otter bringing home the bacon - caribou meat  
    the happy hunters   
    a trapper's home away from home   
    caribou meat pick up - somewhere near Snowbird lake  
    Snhowbird lake area picking up caribou meat  
Sherwood lake - near Wholdia