Ivan Robertson COLLECTION

Ivan Robertson of La Ronge was one of the last Bush Pilot/Aircraft Engineers that flew in the 1980's in Northern Saskatchewan. The following is a small part of Ivan's photo and slide collection documenting bush flying in those days.
Ivan and his brother Scott are avid canoers and have paddled most of the rivers and lakes which Ivan has flown over.
We would like to thank Ivan for sharing his collection with us.- Web builder.
    scare crow to keep ravens away -Sherwood lake  
    summer home Sherwood lake  
    camp on Dubawant lake  
    camp on Dubawant lake  
    going home- note the pitot tube (air speed sensor) of the single Otter sticking out  
    Dubawant lake  
    camp on Dubawant lake- formerly owned by Morbergs Camps.  
    Dubawant lake  
    Dubawant lake  
    trappers' cabin - note the sand on the roof to hold down the water barrier of plastic, blue tarp or tar paper. Due to extreme costs of flying in building supplies, local materials are used exclusively. If the wind or water remove the sand, a few well placed shovel fulls of sand and the roof is good as new - no cost!  
    the start of another fall caribou hunt  
    Gunner Mines Ltd  
    Gunner Mine   
    Ivan at Gunner Mine   
    Gunner Mine   
    Camsell Portage - Philip Steen's boat  
    Camsell Portage  
    Northern Settlement of Camsell Portage  
    Camsell church ? Built by Brown and Phillip Steen ?  
    tank farm at Bushel Bay  
    snow plows used on winter road across Lake Athabasca  
  winter road across Lake Athabasca