RADIO OPERATORS  XLB 51  La Ronge                       

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  Names are in random order.
Caron Giesbrecht  

   XLB51 La Ronge

Started at Dore Lake (XMT 207) at the CO Headquarters  moved to XLB51 La Ronge, first at Bigstone then FireCache and to Post Office Bldg. Retired October 25, 2008.      

Caron at Bigstone trailer. 1980? Caron at Post Office Bldg after the move, 1995+
Caron and Edna Willis on staff house boat trip on La Ronge lake. One of the 10 annual trips. Caron in Chris's office, 2007?
  Caron receiving certificate from Shelly Vandermay, Director of Contract Services. Mike Fraser looks on.Taken at a BBQ at Paul Wolkosky's home.  
Edna Willis

Trained at XLB50 Prince Albert when the Keystations were taken over by Sasktel and 24 hour operation began.In 1985/6 ? Edna applied for perm position in La Ronge at XLB51 where she stayed until October 25, 2008, when the radio system closed.

Edna and Caron at XLB51 at PO Bldg. Edna on one of the many house boat trips.
Edna at staff party, Wayne Radke in background. Taken at PO Bldg. Edna's cake.
Christmas party at Fire Cache Bldg. Wayne Willis to left of Edna, Jim and Vicky Bradfield to the right. Edna, the first operator at the Post Office Bldg, the move is still underway. May or June 1995
Edna calling in to XLB51 during "Bush Day" where operators had to set up SBX11A and complete a call. The radios were "tampered with" to make it a challege. Taken at Purple Sand Beach on the Churchill River  
 Wayne Radke
  Wayne trying to make out who's calling through the static.
  Wayne and Chris on one of those crazy days when all three consoles were going full steam. Wayne's favorite chair.
  Wayne brought his girl friend to work! Wayne doing night shift during the move. April 1995
  Doreen Bereza doing a call on night shift. Doreen and Ron
  Doreen doing the weather broadcast using two microphone hand sets, transmitting on 4 channels at once.  
  Joan Herzog, Administration and Radio Operator Joan and Mike Thomas at staff party.
  Norma Nielsen dispatching at a fire base. Norma and Wayne
  Connie Hunter getting radios ready to send out in the spring to customers on "Temporary Disconnect" Connie
  Jared Chursinoff  
  Frazer Cook on call relief Operator  
  Marlena Ballantyne  
  Paul Wolkoski XLB51 at Fire Cache  
  Paul receiving certificate from Director Shelly Vandermay as Mike Fraser looks on. Paul loading houseboat for "Bush Day".
  Christina Hunter  
  Jeff Walker at XLB51 at Fire Cache.  
  Robert (Bob) Scott Bob testing radios before shipping them out.
  Ron Warner  
  Patsy Chell and Regan  
  Bonnie Hamilton-Trottier on right, sitting with husband Tim a biologist for SERM.  
  Wayne Lee  
  Rena Laliberte receiving certificate from Shelly Vandermay, Mike Fraser looks on. Rena at Xmas Party at Fire Cache, Shelly Vandermay on the left, Vera Wolkoski on right.
  Norma Bird  
  Bob Sutton next to Caron at Staff Xmas Party Bob instructing First Aid, Ron Warner getting ready to save the victim.
  Jude Ratt (Cornflakes) Jude getting set for a Search & Rescue Mission with CASARA.
  Melanie Bradfield  
  Delmar Wolkoski  
  Connie Hogan with newborn  
  Sandra Brown  
  Wayne Lee