Allen Lake move                                                             Allen Lake picnic area                                 Mike ... Old? Must be the camera!


Where is Mike?
a) in Russia
b) totally insane at Thompson Lake
c) catching trout at Allen Lake
d) has sold Thompson and is contemplating life
e) a little of all.

The correct answer; is ( e ).

YES…it happened rather quickly …a fair offer … a few counter offers … a lawyer …SERM … and good-bye Thompson Lake. No, the new owners did not buy the package ( Allen Lake ), so here I sit with another lodge ... and wondering what the hell to do with the rest of my life. I retain all my trapping rights, so life is not that bad ( yet).

The new owners at Thompson Lake

I managed to get some beaver trapping in this spring …so it was back to the good old days . What did you all think of my handgun article --- enough info ? !!! …Yes Jared swore at me …

Dave (webmaster) is also making super life changes … anybody want to see a real house !!

How is my health? Let's just say I have a few beavers left in me so please don’t write me off just yet. Did any of you see the Remington / Winchester knife sets I have been selling ? Are they not great ? All the girls have been buying them for their grandfathers, fathers, brothers, lovers , etc.

Winchester and Remington Knife Sets

So the question arises… is life good ?? Well I learned something --- money is just a number! And it would be a lot better if I had a Russian babe on my knee … does that answer the question ?

Jared? HE GOT A CESSNA 150 and is having a great time. I just wish these so called high-time experts in town would leave him alone … I mean he had memorized 4 volumes of flight manuals and was building airboats while they were still attempting model planes … but we are all experts aren’t we? Yes … he has several female companions to take flying ))).

Can I please go into point form for the rest ??

- Jared's Computers- etc. ….very busy.
- yes, I warned the new owners of the potential fairy danger.
- Jared really outdid himself with “ The Final Goodbye" video.
- the mosquitoes are murderous in the woods.
- seriously … I am quite comfortable in the cabin at Allen Lake.
- TRUE STORY…caught a mouse trying to smoke. ( figure that one out !! )
- again, SERM has been fair to me re; sale.
- let's all look forward to Dave webmaster's new "cabin" on his Vancouver Island lake ….aaaaaah dare we call it a cabin ? ))
- will I go back to Leaf Rapids ? Sure for a bit.
- I am boring you … so let's spiff this up, Mike.
- Anyone in the mood for a good bear story ?? The new ThompsonLake owner's son, Jeff , has a buddy who is into elk hunting. Twice now he has been charged / attacked by a black… the last time he actually shot the bear from the hip! Both times instinct saved him and actually on one of his encounters the bear stalked him. My comment ? You all know I am into numbers statistics … my answer – not good , not good …when you consider I have been twenty years “full-time” in the woods
- here is what I feel will happen for the next few years …the bear attack death rate will accumulate / rise exactly one per year (black bear only). If there were 3 attacks last year, there will be four this year, etc.
- Jared is really enjoying his plane and stacking up the hours.
- This will be my final entry on this site … we will have to move out of this Thompson Lake web site eventually … possibly a new Allen Lake site. We will inform you as life goes on or ceases)).
- how much time did Jared put into “ The Last Goodbye" video? Judging from my old days in the studio …50 – 60 hours for a minute and a half. GOOD JOB Jared !!

Click here to View Jared's "Final Goodbye" Video

- tomorrow we will get our last load out of Thompson.
- I guess the video says it all … thank you to all who have contributed to my /our life here – you know who you are. ( I am trying my hardest not to get teary over all this !! ) …If any of you are into spiritualism, well it doesn’t get any better then this … put it this way: " Thompson Lake" was as close as Jared and I will ever get to touching God.

Over and out

Mike at Allen Lake.
June 20, 2006

A note from Dave (Thompson Lake Lodge "webmaster")

I too am sad to see the old place at Thompson Lake move out of Mike and Jared's life.
I first met these guys in 1992 when I worked for the BC Distance Education Schools. Under an agreement between the education ministries of Saskatchewan and BC, I became then ten-year-old Jared's supervising teacher overseeing his at-home studies. As we communicated "long distance" that year, we came to know each other quite well, and Mike learned of my early years growing up in Northern Ontario. Mike and Jared's life intrigued me and we had become "friends" even though at that time we hadn't met face-to-face ... however, by July my family and I were in La Ronge boarding a plane that would take us into Thompson Lake. I remember being excited to meet Mike and Jared and to experience some great fishing ... but I also privately wondered whether these "bush guys" might actually be weirdos who might boil us up for dinner! My fears were short-lived; young Jared was a bit shy at first, but within an hour we were all very comfortable with each other, kids and adults alike.
In the years that followed I continued to communicate with Mike and Jared by letter and cassette tape as these were "pre-Internet" times. In the summer of 1994, my son and I drove from Victoria to La Ronge to spend another week with the boys at Thompson Lake. In 1996 we did the same, only this time we flew out from the coast. My last visit to Mike's place was with my wife in 2000. Since then Mike and I have kept in touch by email on an almost daily basis.

Why did Thompson Lake become such an important place to me? Besides my good friends there (and the great fishing) I cherish the times I got to spend with my son at Thompson Lake during his formative years. It gave him an opportunity to experience a very different lifestyle and to deepen his appreciation of nature and wilderness. Since then I have seen both he and Jared grow up and go their own ways, but our experiences at Thompson Lake form a regular part of my family's everyday conversation. I certainly have many good memories ... and hours of video footage that Mike and Jared have never even seen!

Thompson Lake Lodge may be passing from Mike and Jared's hands but I am fortunate to still have my good friends in the north. Goodbye Thompson Lake ... but hello Allen Lake ... or any one of the hundreds of other beautiful lakes that make the north so special. With every ending comes a new beginning.


All is not Lost! (Dave's "Thompson" fishing hat now hangs waiting at Allen Lake)

Sunset on Thompson Lake

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