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 Brabant Keystation as viewed from the lake. This was home for Miriam and Charlie Cook for many years. They raised their family here.

Picture -1991


brabant keystation View of XLB54 looking west, brown van was Mike Thomas's, he was "Relief Operator" for a week while Miriam was away.

Picture -1991
  brabant radio

Another view looking South west on the north shore of Brabant Lake.


Picture -1991

  miriam cook

Miriam Cook, Operator of XLB54. In the center of the desk is the CH100 transmitter, on either side are XH14 receivers. To the left of the pencil sharpener is a PT300 or 500 VHF portable. Far left corner are 3 speakers in a stack.

This was taken around the time the big power line from Uranium City to Island Falls was being built


Many trophies and awards adorn the radios. The Cooks were great athletes and competitors and won many a prize.

  monky board Replacing the guy wires in the antenna farm. The ladder is tied to the "Monkey Board" which is a collapsible platform used to stand on while lowering the antenna poles. The poles slide into each other. Each section is 20 feet, usually 4 sections were used.  
  antenna Antenna with tuning box. There were 4 antennas in a rectangular pattern with the doublet antenna wires strung between them. The one mast shown here also radiated.  
  chris doug Chris Rule on left with Doug Purcell, Radio Technician assembling new antenna wires. It was early fall and the whole site had to be brushed. The team that went up was Chris Rule( team leader), Doug Purcell (technician), Mike Thomas(cook and bottle washer) and Serge Theriault.(chainsaw operator)