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dnr la ronge 1948

Landscaping DNR yard 1948, La Ronge. Building on right was DNR Office. 2010 it is part of Elks Hall addition in Air Ronge, no longer recognizable.


dnr antenna

Putting up aerial pole La Ronge 1948. The closest building was DNR Office. The next one was the Radio Station, the third one a DNR residence. The darker building on left unknown.

  la ronge 1948 dnr DNR Office front view. Mistasinihk Place, (Government Building) now occupies the spot in 2010  
  CF SAT fishboard Canso 1948 La Ronge

1948, Fish Board Canso at La Ronge, building in distance on right is the "Fish Plant"

  Roy Armstrong

Roy Armstrong

  Caron Caron Giesbretch operating in the trailer at Bigstone site 1984, shortly before moving to the Fire Cache site.  
  Caron Giesbrecht Caron Giesbretch operating at the Post Office site.  
  Chris Radio Operator Chris Rule operating at the Fire Cache site  
desk Chris's desk at the Post Office, April/May 1995. 6 cardboard boxes with a ceiling tile on top. Not too sturdy, but it worked for several weeks.