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Saskatchewan Government Airways – the government-owned commercial airline, was formed through Order-in-Council No. 1200/47 on August 15, 1947. To develop the northern half of the province, the government purchased M&C Aviation to create Saskatchewan Government Airways  (SGA) in 1947. SGA was a Crown Corporation that operated scheduled and charter services in the north, and also developed the “smokejumpers,” to fight forest fires.SGA maintained operations until 1965, when the newly elected Liberal government sold it to a group of private investors to form North Canada Air Limited, more commonly known as NORCANAIR.

lr Summer of 1948, the La Ronge water base. To the left of the tree, barely visible is a single engine float plane taking off. The truck displays the SGA logo on the side. The flat roof building looks very similar to the building used as the DNR Office, which was located farther up the hill.

 This picture was taken where the present day Harbour Inn now stands.(2010) Barely visible behind the peaked roof building is a tall pole for the two-way radio antenna.

CF-BDM   Waco ZQC-6 Custom>AQC-6       c/n 4594   Ownership history:  Skylines Express > Fleet Aircraft > leased to Yukon Southern > M&C Aviation > Sask Gov Airways > D Lamb > R Gray > Western Airmotive > G Dalziel      Withdrawn from use- Jan 25, 1954.

Barely visible is the lower wing- this is a bi-plane, which makes "docking" difficult at times.

It does not appear that these foats are equipped with water rudders. Note the extra dorsal fin below the rudder to increase stability. Also note how much float is ahead of the propeller.


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3 Stinson 108  at Prince Albert, 1948. Capable for wheels, floats amd skiis. 165 hp- Franklin Engine.

One distinctive feature was the partial leading edge slot on the wings which aligned with the ailerons on the trailing edges, ensuring that, that part of the wing stalled at a higher angle of attack than the rest of the wing, making for a docile stall.


Anson Mk5     CF-FVZ    Prince Albert 1948.
January 6, 1955, crashed at Buffalo Narrows, all 8 occupants on board perished. The aircraft was written off.  
a Mr. H. Waugh, Superintendent for Northern Schools, boards the Stinson 108 on the river at Prince Albert in 1949. Notice the bedroll being handed to the pilot. There were very few hotels in Northern Saskatchewan and most stops meant staying at someones house. Often the visitor brought fresh vegetables and other "treats" for the very appreciative hosts.
b The famous Norseman  CF-SAM at Goldfields, 1951. Note the ski pedestals. They are known as "M&C pedestals" which were designed, tested and manufactured in Prince Albert by Mayson & Campbell Aviation. In the lower part of the pedestal was a heavy rubber cell just over a foot long and about 8 inches thick. The weight of the aircraft rested on this air bag which cushioned the forces exerted on the skiis. This design was popular across Canada and different sizes were made for different skiis.
c CF-EXS Stinson 108 taken in 1951. These aircraft were 4 seats with a useful load around 900-1,000 pounds not counting fuel.With full fuel (40 gallons) the real useful load was commonly reduced to 2 large adults and some gear. This was an ideal machine for the lone prospector.
d Norseman CF-SAN hauling freight, La Ronge.
hanger Anson Mark5  CF-FVZ, SGA Hangar Prince Albert, July 1954. The other aircraft is a Fleet Canuck CF-FAB.
621 Norseman CF-BEM at La Ronge July 1957.
871 Uranium City, August 1957. 3rd from left-JHBrockelbank.
saw DC3 - CF-SAW Uranium City August 1957.
409 DC3  CF-SAW at Uranium City
21 Beech 18  CF-HXU
uc Martin Lake (Uranium city) July 1954,  Cessna 180 at SGA dock.
278 Fleet Canuck CF-FAB and  Anson CF-FVZ, SGA Hangar Prince Albert, July 1954.
group 10th anniversary of employees with SGA since the beginning, taken in 1957.
grp SGA Officials & Cabinet Ministers, October 1957.